(Cheesy above photo taken from the casino website)

Bar/Restaurant: POM

Established: 2004

Area: Indio

Typa Joint: Casino Bar

Signature Cocktail: I had a Manhattan

What can one really say about an Indian casino bar that separates it from any other Indian casino bar? To tell you the truth, not much, but when setting a goal of visiting 40 bars in 60 days, you review every … darned … place you imbibe! (Well, the rules of Bent do provide that I may not review any chain bars or restaurants. As I am running out of time here in the Coachella Valley, you’d be reading a review of the Applebee’s next door to the RV park if it weren’t for those pesky rules I set for myself!)

I visited POM at the Fantasy Springs Casino before seeing the Brian Setzer Orchestra. I was pleasantly surprised by the decor, and the food was also very good.



The grilled filet and iceberg wedge, at $17, is the best deal on the menu. Take an already delicious iceberg lettuce wedge with bacon and bleu cheese and onion and add a petite fillet mignon? Wonderful. Wow I did not order it, I saw the ceviche trio go by several times, and it also looked tasty for $13.

What’s with the word “Pom” and Palm Springs? First there was the dreadful “Sinatra Pom Pom” at LULU. Then came the pomegranate liqueur at Shame on the Moon. Now, an entire bar called Pom?

Like the SLS Casino in Las Vegas, POM is cheeky about the origins of its name. The bev nap provides a slew of possibilities, from “Pitcher of Margaritas” to “Perfect Olive Martini.”


I admit it – I bent the rules at POM. I did not have one of its signature cocktails. Take a look at the bottom of this menu and you’ll see why. All of the concoctions sounded un-delicious and cloyingly sweet. The Manhattan was crisp and fresh and just what the doctor ordered.

The best part of my experience at POM? The back bartender was wearing a Brian Setzer Orchestra pin, advertising the show. I mentioned to him that I was seeing the performance. As I paid my bill and got up to leave, he took the pin off and gave it to me as a souvenir. What a nice guy!