Bar/Restaurant: Pete’s Hideaway

Established: ???

Area: South Palm Canyon Drive

Typa Joint: Neighborhood Bar

Signature Cocktail: No, so I had Jack on the rocks

I love a good dive bar, and Pete’s Hideaway is known as such, but this is how Palm Springs does a dive bar. A dive bar is a little on the seedy side. Things are not very clean or tidy. Wait staff are surly. Locals are either not friendly or too friendly.

Pete’s is not divey. It’s not surprising that the owners are a father/daughter team.

Pete’s is self-described on its website as the number one local bar in town. The crowd certainly felt local when we went in on a Thursday night. We were greeted with a hearty, “Hello, beautiful!” from the bartender. The patrons turned, smiling, to greet us. There was the guy in the cowboy hat, the guy in the porkpie hat, and other jovial merrymakers. Photos of celebrities adorned the walls. There is a stage for live music (there’s no music on Mondays and Thursdays).



I ordered Jack on the rocks and enjoyed this neighborhood hangout. We didn’t order any food, but I’ve heard that the hamburgers are delicious.