Boss Tweed

I adopted Boss Tweed on lucky 10-10-10, from PAWS in Seattle. He was about two years old at the time. Boss is a big old lover who wants to cuddle, comes when you call him, sleeps in the crook of my arm each night, and has a meow that sounds like a squeaky door hinge. Forgive me for saying so, but Boss is also the most flatulent animal I have ever owned!

When I saw “Boss Man” in the shelter I said to my mom, “Look at that fat cat. He looks like he’s wearing a coat that is two sizes too small, and he should be chewing on a stogie. He reminds me of Boss Tweed, the corrupt politician of NYC’s Tammany Hall fame in the late 1800’s.”

She replied, “Your cat just found you.”

Boss has always been a yowler in the car, but after reading the blogs of other full-time RVers, I am hopeful that he will assimilate into the RV lifestyle. (Thank you and a big shout out to full-timers, cat owners, and bloggers, Technomadia and Gone With the Wynns.)

I imagine Tweedie lounging in the sun on the dashboard of the rig, or looking out a passenger-side peeper window. Of course, there is the age-old dilemma and debate about where to put a litter box in an RV; for now I think the best solution for me will be to put it in the shower.

I also think I’m going to try to leash train him. (She said naively.)