I don’t spend a lot of time talking or writing about the money I spend on the road. Finances are an inherently private subject. But when mobilehomepartsstore.com asked me to contribute to an article on RV finances, I said yes, because it is an important and often asked about component of full-timing. You can read the article here. (I am #16, and in my opinion they are using the term “expert” loosely!)

As with everything else in life, there is no right or wrong way to do this RV thing. There’s only your way. There can be no consistency in budgeting, because it is all relative. It depends on how much money you start with, how much income you can make on the road, how big that retirement nest egg is, and your own personal tastes. But I think the article does a good job of showing the diverse approaches to RV budgeting, and the averages are good jumping off point. It’s really cool they asked me to take part in it!