Carson Village Mobile Home Community (Birmingham, Alabama)
InexpensiveFriendly People
Poorly MaintainedUnsightlyPoor Location
1.6Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: June 21 – 26, 2016

Next door to a Valspar paint factory and across the road from a crane rental facility sits the Carson Village Mobile Home Community.

It’s a sprawling place, with most mobile homes past their prime and poorly maintained yards and landscaping. I’d like to go through the whole place with a forklift and a construction dumpster.


If I told you that Carson is at least in a great location, I’d be lying. Downtown Birmingham is several freeway exits and a nine-mile drive down industrial Pinson Valley Parkway away, passing an oil refinery, factories, vacant lots, boarded up businesses, gas stations, and fast food joints.

Some people are really down and out at this mobile home park. A young man approached me several times about making money, by washing my car or cleaning my site. I explained that I just had the car washed, and I was only renting the site for a few days. He walked away, dejected.

Next to large street signs advising 15 mph and “No Loud Music!,” unoccupied cars idle while air-conditioners cool the interiors. There are few dog walkers, but there was the constant sound of barking dogs. Some children play basketball on a tiny concrete pad, while others roam the campground in packs, looking for something to do on a hot day.


My site was overgrown with weeds and covered in pine needles. Heavy trucks and machinery parked in the adjacent sites, as they are in the process of replacing all the underground powerlines. Perhaps that means better days are in store for Carson Village.

The office, laundromat, and convenience store are located on Carson Road, at the entrance to the park. The store carries no items related to camping.


I was very impressed with the park manager and her husband, who accepted my mail from Amazon, delivered a fax to the rig from my doctor’s office, and even mailed my lost car key to the next stop in Savannah, Georgia. But even these wonderful people could not make up for the park.

More and more I am liking mobile home communities as a place to park the rig. Usually the price is right, at an average of $20 per day. But Carson was just a little too remote and rough around the edges for my taste.