5er – Abbreviation for “fifth wheel” often seen in online RV forums. See also FW.

The Atomic Abode – Tammy’s previous sticks and bricks.

Basement – Storage area along the length of an RV, below the living quarters.

Black Water – Sewage held in a separate holding tank in an RV until flushed.

BLM – Abbreviation for “Bureau of Land Management.” See also Boondocking.

Boondocking – Camping without hookups and outside of designated RV parks; dispersed camping. Commonly used when referring to camping on publicly-owned land or in the wilderness. See also Stealth Camping.

Boss Tweed – Tammy’s cat.

Brake Buddy – Dinghy or toad braking system.

Bus – In the RV world, a bus manufactured as recreational living quarters from inception, usually on a proprietary chassis made by the manufacturer. These coaches tend to be at least 40 feet in length. Examples: Newell; Bluebird.

Bus Conversion – Recreational living quarters built in an already-existing bus. The bus can be up to 45 feet long. Bus example: Prevost The conversion can be DIY, or built out by a company specializing in bus conversions. Example: Marathon Coach in Portland, Oregon.

Camp Host – Onsite manager of a campground, often a workamper, who lives in an RV at the campground.

Camper – Often misused to describe a trailer, recreational living quarters attached to the bed of a truck. Alternative definition: Person residing in an RV, e.g. “Happy Camper”
Canned Ham Trailer – A trailer, usually vintage, in the shape of a can of ham on its side.

Cat – Abbreviation for “Caterpillar,” manufacturer of diesel engines for RVs.

CCC – Abbreviation for “cargo carrying capacity,” defined as the maximum allowable weight which can be carried by an RV.

Class A Motor Home – Like a one-bedroom apartment on wheels, the Class A is built on a heavy-duty chassis and is generally between 30 feet and 40 feet long. The Class A tends to be big, square-shaped, and boxy. In fact, the living quarters of a Class A are often referred to as “the box.”

Class B Motor Home – Also known as a van conversion or camper van, an RV built on a van chassis. Chassis examples: Mercedes Sprinter, Dodge Promaster, Ford Transit. The interior is commercially manufactured by a company specializing in van conversions. Examples: Pleasure Way, Leisure Travel Vans.

Class C Motor Home – Medium-sized RV with cab-over chassis.

Coach – A motor home, bus, or bus conversion.

Constant Companion – Tammy’s Crohn’s disease.

DH – Often seen in online RV forums, abbreviation for “Darling Husband” or “Dear Husband.”

Diesel Pusher – A diesel engine powered motor home, with the engine at the rear of the vehicle. See also DP.

Dinghy – A vehicle towed behind an RV. See also Toad.

DIY – Abbreviation for “do it yourself.”

DP – Abbreviation for “diesel pusher” often seen in online RV forums.

Dry Camping – Camping with few amenities, such as water or sewer hookups, or electricity.

DW – Often seen in online RV forums, abbreviation for “Darling Wife” or “Dear Wife.”

Domicile – Residence plus intention to remain.  See also Residence.

FiFi – Tammy’s prior 1955 Hanson Love Bug Camper’s Delight “canned ham” trailer.

Fifth Wheel – A type of trailer, mounted for transport in the bed of a truck with a special hitch mechanism used in commercial tractor/trailers. See also 5er; FW.

Fit And Finish – In general, refers to the quality of construction of a motor home, and the desirability of its interior features.

Flat Towing – Towing a vehicle behind a motor home on its own four wheels, without a trailer or dolly. See also Four Wheels Down.

FMCA – Abbreviation for “Family Motor Coach Association,” a well-recognized and well-respected RV club and informational resource. Publisher of yearly guide of vehicles which can be flat-towed.

Four Season RV – An RV which can be occupied in reasonably cold and reasonably hot conditions. In cold conditions, this may include additional insulation and heated holding tanks. In hot conditions, this may include additional air conditioning.

Four Wheels Down – A method of towing a toad or dinghy behind a motor home, where no trailer or dolly is used and the car is towed on its own four wheels. See also Flat Towing.

FRED – Front end diesel, meaning the diesel engine is at the front of the coach instead of the rear. Also known as a diesel puller.

FW – Abbreviation for “fifth wheel” sometimes seen in online RV forums. See also 5er.

Dolly – Towing device designed to tow a vehicle behind a motor home with two wheels off the ground.

First Chair – In the law, the lawyer who is the lead attorney in the trial.

GAWR – Gross Axle Weight Rating, defined as the maximum amount of weight which may be placed on a vehicle axle. There are separate GAWRs for the front axle and the rear axle.

GCWR – Gross Combined Weight Rating, defined as the maximum allowable weight of all connected vehicles

Gray Water – Non-sewage used water, such as dishwater or laundry water, stored in a holding tank in an RV until flushed.

GWR/GVWR – Abbreviation for “Gross Vehicle Weight Rating,” defined as the weight of an RV as-built by the manufacturer before adding cargo.

Jenny – Abbreviation for “generator.”

LPG – Abbreviation for “liquid petroleum gas,” also known as propane.

Making Miles – Driving long distances to get from point A to point B.

Maria – Tammy’s adoptive mother.

MH – Abbreviation for “motor home” often seen in online RV forums.

Nellie – Tammy’s 2008 33′ Newmar Ventana RV.

Olive – Tammy’s dog – a terrier mix, who passed away on May 24, 2016, in Starkville, Mississippi.

Pinkie – Tammy’s Chihuahua/mixed breed dog adopted on June 13, 2016 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Propane – Compressed gas often used as fuel for RV cook tops and some lamp lights.

RV – Abbreviation for “recreational vehicle.”

Residence – The place where a person lives.  See also Domicile.

Rocket – Tammy’s Dachshund/Basset Hound/Lab/mixed breed dog adopted June 13, 2016 in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

S & B – Abbreviation for “sticks and bricks,” referring to a permanent house or home.

Second Chair – In the law, the lawyer who assists the first chair attorney.

Slide – Also known as a “pop out,” the portion of an RV that remains closed for transport, then slides outward, making more room inside the RV while camping.

Stealth Camping – Camping on public streets or other locations without permission and without drawing attention to the RV.

TH – Abbreviation for “toy hauler” often seen in online RV forums.

Toad – The “towed” vehicle behind an RV. See also Dinghy.

Tongue Weight – When towing, the downward force of a towed vehicle on the hitch of the towing vehicle.

Toy Hauler – An RV with a garage in back for “toys” such as motorcycles or ATVs.  The toy hauler can be a Class A, Fifth Wheel, or Trailer. See also TH.

Trailer – In the RV world, recreational living quarters towed behind a tow vehicle, attached to the vehicle with a ball and hitch mount. Commonly referred to as a “bumper pull” in the Southern states. See also Travel Trailer; TT Alternative definition: A towing device to tow a vehicle behind a motor home with all four wheels off the ground.

Travel TrailerSee Trailer

TT – Abbreviation for “travel trailer” often seen in RV online forums.

UVR/UVWR – Abbreviation for “Unloaded Vehicle Weight Rating,” defined as the weight of the vehicle as built at the factory.

Workamper – Full-time RVer who is not retired and works part-time or full-time on the road.