Day 10 Miles: 96


“What a dump!” That scene with Bette Davis in the movie “Beyond the Forest” played over and over in my mind as we settled in for the night at Palapa 206. The place is so uninspired that it gets its name from the mile marker on Highway 1. It is operated by Brits Nigel and Michael, but there’s nothing British about it. It’s a wide spot in the middle of the road – a place to stop for the night if you’re in between Loreto and La Paz. And, that’s all.

We passed through the town of Ciudad Insurgentes on the way to the RV park, and the only thing interesting about it was the plants that grow on the power lines – Bromeliad. The are sometimes called “ball moss,” but they aren’t moss at all. I was fascinated by them because they had such an atomic, “starburst” appearance. It’s funny how the mind seeks understanding based on experiences and context. When I first saw them I thought they were like the orange balls used to alert low-flying aircraft to power lines.


The minute I walked around the RV Park my shoe soles were full of burs, so Maria and I did our best to keep them out of the rig for the sake of little paws. Olive detested being carried far from the trees before being set down, believing she was being punished for some reason. We stayed in the rig pretty much the entire evening, the sounds of the passing vehicles on the highway finally subsiding in the wee hours.

I guess every day can’t be mimosas and pancakes.