Emerald Desert RV Resort (Palm Desert, CA)
Beautiful ParkYounger/Friendlier CrowdLots Of Activities
PriceyFar From Palm Springs
4.0Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: March 8 – 15, 2016


I was literally crusty when I pulled into Emerald Desert. I had spent the last 30 days on the Baja. I had not showered in five days. The coach was covered in six inches of dirt. I walked into the beautifully well-appointed reception area, with waterfalls and artwork and arranged flowers in vases, the ladies in reception wearing matching polo shirts. I could have cried.

Emerald Desert is exactly what I needed after being a wild child for a month. Unlike their counterparts at Outdoor Resorts Palm Springs, if the people at Emerald Desert are not younger, they certainly act younger. And friendlier. Activities abound, from cocktail gatherings at the pool, to daily walks, to pet parades.


The day after my arrival I had a mechanic and an RV detailing service at my rig. There are lots of vendors who frequent Emerald Desert.

On Frank Sinatra Drive in Palm Desert, Emerald Desert is a good 20-minute drive to downtown Palm Springs. However, It is close to everything else the Coachella Valley has to offer, including Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert. It is a short drive to the College of the Desert, where there is a outdoor market every weekend.

My friends have been wintering at Emerald Desert for years, and I stayed there for one week on their recommendation. It was a lovely experience from beginning to end, except for the price point; one week was almost $500! Granted, I was there during high season.

I would return to Emerald Desert, but only to hang out with my friends and only if I could get a discounted monthly rate.

(All photos by Kathleen Zimmerman – Thanks, Kathy!)