Golden West Casino (Bakersfield, CA)
Small LotQuestionable NeighborhoodCrappy Casino
0.5Tammy's Tally

Date Of Stay: April 6, 2016

What … A … Shithole!

If I had not been so tired, and if it had not been pouring buckets of rain, I would have never stopped at the Golden West Casino. This is not an Indian casino; it is some privately run thing in a not so great part of Bakersfield. There are so many planters and curbs in the parking lot that it’s almost impossible to drive if you are towing.

To the casino’s credit, the security staff were very nice. They took a copy of my drivers license, had me sign an agreement that I would not throw wild parties, and directed me to a spot in the far lot. Next door was a vacant field, and behind me was an oil drilling rig that started pounding at 7:00 a.m. I kid you not.

Inside, there was a sad little snack bar and gaming tables only – no slots. The bartender did not know how to make a Manhattan. The only interesting thing about the interior was that it was once a restaurant and was clearly built in the middle of the last century.


Tammy’s Tip: Don’t. Just don’t.