Heart Of Oklahoma Expo RV Park (Shawnee, OK)
EconomicalClose To Grocery Store And TownSome Shade TreesSuper Clean Bathrooms And Laundry
Sites Far From The Convention CenterMuddy When It RainsLong Drive To OKCDry County!
3.0Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: October 18 – 28, 2015

In October I spent 10 days in Shawnee, Oklahoma, attending the RVing Women annual convention. The grounds of the Expo Center are huge; there are at least six distinct RV camping areas, some on concrete, and some on grass or dirt and surrounded by trees. Because some of the campsites were so far from the convention facilities, our group rented a fleet of golf carts, and volunteers drove members to and from their campsites.





It was still plenty hot when I arrived, so I opted for shade under the trees. That turned out to be a mistake, because I could not get satellite reception, and when the repairman came to reseal my roof he fought falling leaves all day!

Those of us on the dirt and grass were envious of those who parked on the concrete when the rains came. I stepped off my RV step into mud up to my ankle. If it’s the rainy season, stick to the concrete.

There is a very nice off-leash dog park directly across from the Expo Center. Depending on the time of year, there is also a fleamarket on weekends next door to the dog park.

Each camping area has a brick building with toilets and laundry facilities. I did not check on the cost to do laundry, but the showers are free. The buildings are newer and very well-maintained.

Be prepared to have events going on all around the Expo Center. Even though we had 300 rigs at our convention, there was also a horse show going on at the same time.

The staff at the Expo Center office are very nice. You have access to a copier, fax machine, and mail service there.

Nothing is really within walking distance of the Expo Center, but a good grocery store is a short five-minute drive away, and downtown Shawnee is also very close by.

The drive to Oklahoma City is 30 minutes of freeway driving, which makes it very inconvenient to go into town for dinner. On a Sunday night my friend and I drove to a nearby casino in Shawnee for a cocktail. We did not know we were in a dry county, and no alcohol is served on Sundays! I know that’s not the Expo Center’s fault, but take that into consideration when making your plans if that’s important to you. It was important enough to us that we drove into Oklahoma City!

The camping price was right at 20 bucks a day, but things are a bit remote out in Shawnee.