If you are a Gene Autry fan you will recall that his sidekick, Frog Millhouse, used to say this to stop his horse, Ring-Eyed Nellie. Given the events of the last two weeks, the name is especially apropos, n’est ce pas?

The Recipe: 3, 2, 1

3 parts bourbon (A “part” generally means a shot, but my RV shot glass is rather large!)

In the Atomic Abode bar I generally stocked 20 or more bottles of bourbon, but on the road it is Maker’s Mark, a Rat Pack favorite. Say what you will about recent attempts to water down the recipe, and Japanese ownership, but if it was good enough for Frankie and Dino and Sammy, it’s good enough for me. Also, it’s an all-around great-tasting bourbon, especially for mixing.

2 dashes orange bitters

There are a lot of craft, small batch bitters out there right now. My go-to orange bitters is generally Fee Brothers Orange, which I used here, or Angostura Orange.

1 Clementine orange, halved

My favorite clementine/mandarin oranges are Cuties from California, but they are generally not available after May. Another small clementine or mandarin orange will substitute nicely.

Put all ingredients is a cocktail shaker with ice. Muddle, muddle, muddle the citrus, releasing as much of the flavor and aroma of the rind as possible. Grind that rind!

Shake vigorously and pour, up, into a martini glass, preferably chilled. (It will drink just as easily in any glass, or over ice for that matter.) I got these nifty neat-o martini glasses for the road, made of stainless steel and double-walled with a gel inside for freezing. No breaking, and they stay cold for ages.

No garnish necessary, but if you have some cherries laying around, cocktail or fresh, you could pop one in.

Pssst … You just made a version of an Old Fashioned! Experiment with bourbons and bitters and citrus to create your own coveted concotion.