Indiana State Fairgrounds RV Park (Indianapolis)
Close To Downtown Indianapolis
Main Camping Area UnpavedPaved Area A Tad Sketchy
2.5Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: September 9 – 10, 2016

When I first arrived at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, I was directed to this area at the “back” of the grounds:

imageimageThe forecast called for heavy rain, and the RV sites were not paved.   They also appeared quite cramped, and the high-pitched whine of the vending machines in front of the bathrooms was going to drive me crazy if I had to stay there.

I  telephoned the security office, who manages the RV sites. I inquired if there was any other area, especially paved, where I could spend the night. The young man  from the office arrived in a golf cart, reluctantly taking my friend and me under busy 38th street via tunnel for a look-see at the other area. He discouraged us from spending the night there, pointing out that campers lived in that area full-time. I scratched my head at this, as we classed up the joint compared to the other rigs.  We opted for the paved area, for $30 per night for full hook ups.


The rains came, torrentially, that night. We were very happy to be on a paved surface. Two large billboards lit up the night and the traffic along 38th buzzed by all night, but that was fine with us.


There was a bathroom  building in our area, but I did not take a look at it.

Tammy’s Tip:  If you stay in the area across 38th from the main entrance, be clear on what time the security office locks and unlocks the gate.  The only other exit is the tunnel under 38th, but  it is not tall enough for an RV.