KOA And Hill Country RV Park (Fredericksbug, Texas)
Close To Downtown FredericksburgFriendly PeopleInexpensive
AntsFew TreesBig Mud Puddles
3.6Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: KOA – April 12, 2016; Hill Country: April 13 – 15, 2016

Above photo: Fredericksburg KOA

As I drove to Fredericksburg from Roswell, New Mexico, I knew I would be arriving late, as the drive took over seven hours. Facing the unknown, I went to my default RV park – KOA. I phoned, made a reservation, and arranged for late check-in.

As I drove through downtown Fredericksburg on the way to KOA, I spied an RV park on the right, closer to town. I made a mental note of it for the following day.

What can one really say about a KOA campground that is not already known? They are usually clean. They are usually packed. They are usually close to a busy highway. And, they are usually marginally expensive. For one night in Fredericksburg, I paid $44.

The following morning I called Hill Country RV park, the campground I saw the night before. They charged $30 per night. I packed up and moved right away.

Hill Country is your one-stop shop for RV parking and deer dressing.



While I checked in, a group of old men who lived in the park were in back, having coffee and morning conversation. The owner was personable and helpful.

Most of the RV’ers at Hill Country are long-term residents, but that doesn’t bother me one bit. Those types of parks may be less picturesque, but they are also less expensive. People were very friendly, waving each morning. One resident invited me to her rig for coffee.

As for safety and security, Hill Country is right next to the police department!


The ratings on this post are for Hill Country. I would definitely return there the next time I’m in Fredericksburg.