Meteor Crater RV Park (Winslow, Arizona)
Proximity To Meteor CraterGas StationExcellent Bathroom Reviews
RemoteNothing Else To Do/See Other Than The Crater
3.0Tammy's Tally

(Above photo from park’s website)

Date Of Stay: November 8, 2015

Outside Winslow, Arizona on Interstate 40, Exit 233, and 6 miles from Meteor Crater, is Meteor Crater RV Park. I stopped there for the night to tour Meteor Crater the next morning.

At the entrance of the park is a gas station and office/country store. If you stay at the park you are offered discounts for gas (my offer was two cents per gallon), but I found the gas to be expensive, even with the discount. If you are going to visit the crater, be sure to ask for other discounts. At the campground I received a discount on lunch at Subway at the crater (free cookie!), and at Meteor Crater they will give you a small discount to stay at the RV park (which I missed out on because I had already stayed at the park).

I loved the T-shirts for sale at Meteor Crater RV park. One said, “We have three seasons: Wind, Wind, and Wind.” Other T-shirts depicted aliens pulling into the RV park in their flying saucers. It’s nice to see a place that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The sites are fairly level, but gravel. Like most parks, the Wi-Fi is non-existant. There are some trees, but little privacy. I did not visit the restrooms, but they have received 10 out of 10 stars on the Good Sam site. There were large dumpsters throughout the park for garbage. It was quiet at night with lots of stars, and a full hook up was $33.

If you are going to visit Meteor Crater and you are in an RV, one of the best reasons to stay at the RV park is to leave the RV behind and take the winding road to Meteor Crater in your tow vehicle. When I awoke in the morning I was too lazy to unhook the toad, so I took the rig and the toad to the crater. The road is narrow and winds through a working ranch, and I had to stop for cattle on the roadway. There are spaces for RV parking at the crater, but consider taking just the toad. If nothing else it will save you a gallon of fuel! (I don’t know about you, but I get about 7 miles to a gallon of diesel.)


Meteor Crater RV park is not terribly convenient to many places other than Meteor Crater. The closest town is Winslow, about 20 minutes away, but you’ll find yourself standing on the corner without much else to do. Flagstaff is more than a half hour away, and everything else is more than an hour’s drive.


Tammy’s Tip: The gates for entry and exit are separate. As you enter they will remotely open the gate for you from inside the country store. The exit gates are in a separate location, abutting a short dirt road. When you exit you must manually open and close the gate yourself – no fancy codes there!