This morning Pam Kueber of and Kate, Managing Editor and Graphic Designer, posted a piece about me.  Over the years I have turned many friends on to Retro Renovation; it is an invaluable source of information and knowledge about all things vintage and mid-century, and my go-to site when I have questions about atomic architecture and furnishings.  (Kate also has her own site, RetroRanchRevamp, and it’s as fabulous as her!)

When the Atomic Abode listed on the MLS I emailed Pam to tell her about The Atomic Abode – one last toast to the homestead before I bid adieu to it forever.  I did not predict that Pam and Kate would take an interest in my back story as well – why I’m selling the Atomic Abode, and what’s next por moi.

The story published this morning.  I had no idea that such an outpouring of affection and admiration could result!  On the site and Facebook, people have been so kind and complimentary about the house and  furnishings.   Pam and her readers are members of my tribe, and it is comforting to communicate with people who get it.  Most lovely of all, I now have invitations for cocktails, Tex-Mex, concerts, and places to park Nellie in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Maryland, and Texas!

It feels as if the Universe is blessing this course – giving me the big thumbs up with these delightful and unexpected gifts.