Palm Springs Oasis RV Park (Cathedral City, CA)
In The Palm Springs Area
PriceyCostlyRidiculously Effing Expensive
1.3Tammy's Tally

Date Of Stay: February 5, 2016

After one week in Yuma, I needed one night in Palm Springs to drop off my car, grocery shop, and pick up my mother to head to Baja for a month. Months in advance, I booked a spot at Palm Springs Oasis online, for $58.

At check-in, I was told that I owed an additional $11. I replied I had already paid at booking.

Clerk: “You paid $58 online, but the reservation is $69.”

Me: (Not under my breath – involuntary muscle reaction): “Holy Christ!”

Clerk (clearing throat): “We believe our rates to be competitive.”

Me: “Well, thank goodness someone does! Congratulations. Your park is officially the most I’ve ever paid to stay anywhere that was not on Christmas or New Year’s Eve.”

Clerk: [Brooding silence]

This place is adjacent to a desert wash, directly across the street from a Burlington Coat Factory. Cars whiz by on both Bob Hope and Date Palm. Spaces which should have been pull-throughs to accommodate one rig are now two back-in spaces. There is scarcely room for a tow vehicle.


It was February in Palm Springs, but Palm Springs Modernism had not even started yet.

Another Encore property which succeeded only in disappointing.