Prospect RV Park, Denver (Wheat Ridge), Colorado
Prospect Park Next DoorBunnies!
Highway NoiseNot Good For Rigs > 40 Feet
4.0Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: October 12–14, 2015

Driving the Sand Creek Massacre Trail out of Cheyenne, I would be in Denver in an hour and a half. I googled RV parks. Arbitrarily, I chose Prospect RV park because of its proximity to Interstate 70, which would take me east from Denver to Kansas. What a pleasant surprise!


The park is officially in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, about seven miles and 20 minutes from downtown Denver. The park manager, Linda, informed me that Prospect opened in 1988. As a park it’s nothing special. It has laundry facilities and bathrooms and a vending machine. It’s not the type of park right off the highway that caters to big rigs, although it is close to Interstate 70. That darned interstate noise again!

There are many long-term residents at Prospect. I had the pleasure of meeting two women next door, who winter in Arizona and were leaving Denver soon. Both in their 70s, both former nuns, now partners, they were interested in my affiliation with the Eagles. One of the woman’s parents were Eagles, and she promised to send mementos from the Denver national convention her father attended decades ago. I may very well run into the ladies again in Arizona in March.

There are two things that make Prospect RV Park extraordinary: the park next door, and the bunnies!

Bunnies hop all around the park, feral, but angling for treats. Olive was beside herself; she wasn’t quite sure what to make of them. At first I called them squirrels because that is the word in her vocabulary which means, “furry thing running along the ground that I can chase.” By the end of our three-night stay there, she also knew the word “bunnies.”

For $33 per night, in-city, this cannot be beat: On just the other side of the chain-link fence, connected by a walkway, is Prospect Park. There are three lakes and a creek, a soccer field, a softball stadium, a playground, and so much more.



Those of you who know me well know that I am no outdoorswoman. I prefer to view nature from the window of my cozy RV. A city park is right up my alley for communing with nature. Olive and I walked the park every morning and evening. It was not overly crowded, but those you did pass smiled and nodded and said hello.



Another plus is Prospect RV Park is in between Lookout Mountain and downtown Denver. This made my trip to visit Buffalo Bill’s grave about a half hour shorter than if I had stayed closer to downtown. Wheat Ridge is also close to the charming town of Arvada, a gold rush town with shops and restaurants in the Old Towne area.

I will definitely return to Prospect RV Park whenever I visit Denver.

Tammy’s Tip: The water pressure is quite high at Prospect. It is 90 psi! Be sure to have a regulator with you.