“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

In an RV, books are not particularly portable; they take up valuable space in already cramped quarters.  Here’s how I’m dealing with reading material for the road.

Actual, honest-to-goodness, printed books: The only books that made the cut for my journey are and handful of cocktail recipe books, and To Kill A Mockingbird.  I have never been the type to keep works of fiction after reading them, but it was hard to give up cookbooks, and coffee table books on design, photography, travel, vintage trailers, music, history, cartoons, and public figures.  While on the road I may buy a book here and there, but it will be donated or passed along when I’m finished.

E-books: Reading books on a notebook or tablet is already commonplace, but did you know you can get many E-books for free?  For example, many classics are available for free on Kindle.   The Seattle Public Library offers a good selection of free digital media, including books.  I recently renewed my library card, went online, and started spelunking.  The library has books, magazines, full-length movies and documentaries, and music – all free, and all available for electronic devices.  Checking out a book is easy – just click the button, and it is available on your device. There will never be late fees for failing to return it on time, because at the end of  three weeks the item automatically reverts to the library.  You can borrow it  again if you didn’t get around to reading it by the time the period expires.

Magazines: I’m a sucker for magazines, and I was happy to learn that many of my favorites have digital versions.  I canceled all hard copy subscriptions and went digital for Sunset, Vanity Fair, Saveur, and Garden & Gun.  Alas, Imbibe Magazine does not have a digital version.  Guess I’ll have to pick that one up on the news stand during my travels!