Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please …


Of the 13 blogs written about Crohn’s disease (well, maybe there are 14), has named this blog one of The 13 Best Crohn’s Blogs of 2016!

In all seriousness, I am very honored to receive this recognition. Writing about such a personal and embarrassing and sometimes disgusting topic isn’t easy. If a single person with this fucking disease is inspired by or gets a chuckle from my experiences, it is all worthwhile.

Here’s the blurb, in case you’re too lazy or disinterested to scroll down:

Tammy is a former trial attorney, but now travels the United States in an RV with her dog and cat companions. Her most constant companion, however, is her Crohn’s disease. The Lady Is a Tramp is a remarkable blog, whether you’re interested in Americana, travel, pets, or finding kinship with someone else who has the condition. To find the posts specific to her health, navigate to “The Constant Companion” in Tammy’s list of topics.

Pretty nifty, huh? The announcement was on May 10, while I was preoccupied with Olive’s medical condition. And boy, what Olive’s illness and death have done to my own condition. The last three weeks have been the sickest I’ve been in quite a while. The doctor tells me the new, more, ummmm, localized medication (up the bum) takes up to six weeks to work.

Even though it has not been six weeks yet, those suppositories don’t stand a chance against the flare I’m experiencing due to stress, anxiety, worry, and now, grief. Things got so bad there at the end of Olive’s treatment; when I was in a visitation room with her, I would have no choice but to run to the bathroom across the hall, hoping she would not jump off the sofa to follow me. The poor little thing was so sick, she never did. The drive to Tennessee today took quite a bit longer than expected due to pitstops. Thankfully, I have the time, and the toilet.

The mind/body connection is absolutely, positively bona fide. For years I denied that stress played any role in my symptoms, but I don’t anymore.