Red Gate Farms (Savannah, Georgia)
Beautiful SettingGood AmenitiesShort Drive To Savannah
No ShadeNo Dog Area
4.0Tammy's Tally

Dates of Stay: June 28 – July 13, 2016

Soon after purchasing Nellie in 2015, while waiting for a service appointment at Camping World in Tacoma, Washington, I came upon two wizened and seasoned full-time RVers in the waiting room. They asked, “Are you planning to go to Savannah, Georgia?” When I told them yes, eventually, they fervently recommended Red Gate Farms.

The setting is quite beautiful at Red Gate Farms, which is a 15-minute drive to the Savannah downtown core. Nothing is within walking distance, but a three-minute drive down Chatham Parkway will take you to a grocery store and some restaurants on Ogeechee Road.



At Red Gate there are barns and ponds and lakes, water vistas, ponies and chickens and ducks and frogs and geese and goats, a swimming pool, laundry and workout facilities, rec room,

imageimageand even a Savannah trolley that picks up and drops off at the farm. (As a dog owner I found the trolley times inconvenient, as it picks up at 9:30 a.m. and drops off at 4:30 p.m.)

At the end of a country lane at the back of the property is The Mackie House, a go-to spot for lavish, Southern-style weddings.


During my visit a reception was held in the barn by a pond, with chandeliers and long, linen-covered tables piercing the otherwise rustic setting.

The staff was wonderful at Red Gate. They held periodic socials and notified you about receiving mail. One day when a camper left a puppy tied to the picnic table and went gallivanting around town, the staff handled it extremely well. The daily rate was $41 per night with a good Sam discount. The weekly rate saved a little more money, at $39 per day. Wi-Fi is usable, mostly.

Sites are fairly spacious, with full hook ups. (There are a few sites on the property that do not have sewer hook ups.) But, beware: only two sites with hook ups are in the shade. This is my biggest, baddest complaint about Red Gate Farms, and it’s no small complaint when you visit in July.

Before booking I read the reviews about Red Gate and about the large, open area, in full sun all day, where most RVs park; I phoned months in advance to request shade. When I arrived the office person even acknowledged that I requested shade, stating that I was parking “next to the trees.” Well, those trees did no good when backed into the space. The sun baked the front, then both sides of the rig, all day long. I had both air-conditioners on at full tilt. It was too hot to sit outside, and the inside felt very claustrophobic with all the shades drawn.

“What can Red Gate do about the weather?” you might ask. Well, nothing, of course. But, there are two sites on the property under the trees, with full hook ups.


I made my June/July reservations in January. I requested shade. I felt Red Gate paid lipservice to my request and was even a bit misleading upon my arrival by saying I would be “by the trees” when they knew damned well those trees don’t provide shade.

Between my first and second week I took Nellie to the nearby Camping World to get the washing machine fixed. Upon my return to Red Gate, I got wise. I pulled directly into the spot instead of backing in. I had to run my hook ups under the rig, and thankfully all the hoses were long enough. The sun then baked the back of the rig, where there are no windows, and my view went from the other RVs to a green space and trees. Parked that way, those trees even provided a bit of shade. Honestly, reconfiguring the way I parked is the only thing that saved my experience at Red Gate.

As a dog owner I was also a bit disappointed that a place like Red Gate Farms, with so much open space, did not have a designated, fenced-in dog area. My dogs really wanted to run free and frolic, but with the farm animals and with the parkway so close, I couldn’t risk it. (Unleashed dogs are also against their policies.)

Tammy’s Tip: Be specific and ask for spots B1 or B2, which are under trees and have full hook ups. (Those spots cost a little more.)