Kind words from friends and colleagues

I am so blessed with wonderful and loving friends, family, coworkers, and colleagues. Here are some of their comments upon learning that I am heading out to travel the country:

“Tammy, I knew I liked you as soon as we met.  I wish you the best on the road.  I’ll never forget the time I saw your arm.  A chick with a tattoo and wild hair, and a damn good lawyer to boot.  Now that’s a nice picture.  Keep your hands at 10 and 2, my friend.” – Opposing Counsel

“Best of luck!  I’ll expect to see your odyssey picked up as a reality TV series on the Travel Channel.” – Prior Co-Counsel

“Tammy, we’ll miss working with you; you’re one of the most genuine and interesting people we’ve met through our jobs.  Although it works for some, we can certainly understand why the lawyer lifestyle isn’t for all, particularly for someone like you who embraces ideas and adventures beyond the conventional.

Even when you do something that could otherwise be “ordinary”, you transform it. It becomes extraordinary, and that’s the life you deserve.  We can’t wait to read the stories of how you find that life and how it finds you. Our paths will inevitably cross over the years. In those times, it’s true we won’t necessarily fit the title of “colleagues” anymore. Hopefully we’ll be upgraded to “friends” for the rest of our journeys.

We’re thrilled about the road ahead of you. In the words of Jack Kerouac, “Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.” Happy trails, Tammy!  We’ll see you soon.” – Trial Consultants

“Tammy, I am in total admiration of your decision and applaud you for taking the leap.  Many people think about what you’re embarking on, but few take the opportunity.  You have always been one of my favorites to work for and I will surely miss those interactions.  So, pack up the cat and the dog, turn on the music and sing your way down the road.  Be safe and enjoy the ride!” – Private Investigator

“Well this is amazing and unexpected!  I envy you for the great adventures that you are about to experience as you embark on a completely new phase of your life.  I hope that you are not leaving the practice permanently, and that you will be back with batteries recharged and re-enthused about the practice of law – but if that is not to be, then I wish you the very best in your travels.  Be safe, enjoy, and I look forward to following you via your postings in cyberspace.” – Opposing Counsel

“Congratulations – how very wonderful.  I can’t wait to read your posts.  What a great name for the blog.  I don’t see you much these days, but always wanted to know you better.  Maybe when you return. You are a wonderful woman.  Please keep me informed.” – Plaintiff’s Attorney

“WOW! That’s totally awesome!  Keep in touch, I’m going to check your website regularly.  YOU GO GIRL!!” – Client

“Congratulations on taking this leap of faith into a new adventure – YEE HAW! I admire you for following your heart and listening to your spirit – it takes courage.  Your blog is wonderful and filled with energy plus hard-won truths.  You are a super special person.  Take great care of your whole self.” — Law Partner

“Tammy, I wish you the best of luck and you will be missed.  I always admired your confidence and tenacity.  I will miss working with you, and I hope you have wonderful adventures during your travels.” – Prior Law Partner

“Tammy, I’m so excited for you to start your new journey!!! I’ll be following you and living vicariously through your travels!!! Please call me if you come to Massachusetts, I’d love to meet up with you!” – Client

“I’m super-excited for you to start this next chapter.  Wishing you every bright star along your travels,  and if you are doing a send off let me know so I can come buy you a drink.  I will be checking the blog updates so let me know if the name changes, but I think The Lady is a Tramp is possibly my favorite blog name I’ve ever heard.  Best of luck.” – Co-Counsel

“Tammy, congratulations on your exciting plans.  I know exactly your feelings about the pros and cons of lawyering and regret that I will not – at least in the foreseeable future – have a chance to work again with you.  Good luck and I will be looking for your website and your ultimate book!” – Opposing Counsel

“I am hopeful that your travels will bring you peace, pleasure, and a well-deserved break from the rat race in which we practice.  At the very least, the experience should help give you a very different perspective of everyday life.  What you describes sounds terribly romantic a’la Jack Kerouac.

I must admit, while happy for you, I am sad that you will not be a part of my work community anymore – at least for a while.  We certainly had some interesting cases together and many laughs.

At the risk of sounding like an over-bearing Jewish mother, “be careful on your trip – the world is filled with mishuginas (crazy people).”  I would love you to contact me when you return from your journey so we can drink and you can tell me about your adventures.” – Opposing Counsel

“Tammy, I will miss you, you were always one of my favorite attorneys.  The bar will miss you too!  Have fun!  Let me know when your web site is up and I will read it regularly!” – Mediator

“Oh MY I am jealous, girl!  And, thanks for your kindness. The profession will miss you.” – Opposing Counsel

“Tammy, when I found out you played in a band, I was so impressed/in awe/intimidated.  Now you are doing a road trip. Love it!  I think it is inspirational.  Go brave girl!” – Court Reporter

“Tammy, I want to wish you the best of luck in this exciting adventure! What an opportunity to see the country and explore your writing.  I am extremely grateful to have worked with you, especially during my first year of being an attorney.  I came into the job knowing nothing about how to do it.  Your patient guidance and mentoring helped me to grow so much.  I genuinely appreciate your light-hearted spirit and the kind and respectful way you treat those around you.  I am sad to see you leave the firm, but excited to hear about all the places you’ll experience and the people you’ll meet along the way.  But we’ll sure miss you here!”  – Associate Attorney

“As you prepare for the journey ahead and life’s uncertainties, you should know that our hearts will be traveling with you.  Our hopes for your happiness, and great adventure as well.” – Close Friend

“Wow Tammy — you’re soon going to be living a very cool life soaking lots of the amazing things our country has to offer!  I am so happy for you!  You will not regret it, your incredible legal talents are always going to be yours, but the time to travel and live life fully will not.” – Former Co-Worker

“Tammy, why am I not completely bowled over by this news? Yours will be the first blog which I have subscribed to. I can hardly wait.” – Prior Law Partner

“Dear Tammy,  So your gypsy roots have bloomed in Spring and wanderlust can no longer be suppressed.  I am very happy for you.  There are many many wondrous things to see coast to coast, border to border.  I am sure that you will make many friends along the way, and it sounds like you have a couple of very nice traveling companions.  I wish you all the best. Happy trails to you!!” – Opposing Counsel

“Halleluja, Girl  Time of your life starts now!  Congrats on all your outstanding accomplishments and hard work leading up to this moment.  Now go take on the world and have a ball!”  – Close Friend

“Tammy, thanks for being a great mentor over the last three years and letting me bug you with all my rookie questions.  You are a great attorney and your flair around here will be missed.  Here is a ceremonial bottle of champagne to christen over the bow of your new RV!”  – Associate Attorney