Texas A & M Equine Park (College Station, Texas)
Central To A&M Campus/Bush Library
Pricey For College Station, Texas
4.4Tammy's Tally

Dates of Stay: November 28 – December 1, 2016

If you’re planning on visiting the Texas A&M campus and/or the George HW Bush Presidential Library, this location cannot be beat. At $35 per day and no sewer hookups, it is no great value in the tiny town of College Station, Texas, but considering it’s $50 per day for graduation weekend and over $100 per day for football games, I’ll take it!

Arriving on site, it was unclear whom to or how to pay. I knocked on some office doors until I found someone who called the Parking Department, who said they would be around to pick up my fees and issue a pass. They showed up on the final day. Hey, it was the end of Thanksgiving Break.

As I was there during break, all was quiet. I was the only rig in the lot. The electricity and water hookups were very modern, and there was a seating area with barbecue directly outside my door. You can tell this place is set up for tailgating.

The RV lot sits directly outside the Equine Center, where horses are kept. For that reason, there are signs not to enter the complex with dogs. Each day I walked the dogs around the RV area and parking lots, careful never to enter the complex. Nevertheless, a woman walking from her car to work at the Center snottily chided me about dogs being forbidden. I replied, “Well, I’m staying at this RV park, and I have to walk them somewhere. I am careful not to enter the horse complex.” She huffed and walked away. Just an FYI if you have dogs.