The Point Casino (Kingston, Washington)
Free Camping110 Electrical Outlet
Fewer Casino Amenities Low Parking Lot Lighting
3.0Tammy's Tally

Dates Of Stay: September 10–13, 2015

If I wrote this review in about a year, it would likely be very different. Yesterday I attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new hotel at the Point Casino. Currently the casino is in a large tent – like structure. There are a few gaming tables. You are accosted by the smell of cigarette smoke as you walk through the doors. No pool. No spa.

But I digress. This is an RV review primarily. The Point Casino is minutes from the Kingston ferry landing, which takes you to Edmonds, Washington, about a half hour north of Seattle. For my purposes, it is also minutes from an RV repair shop, where I am having my leveling system repaired.

Not all casinos in Washington allow free RV parking. For example, the nearby Clearwater Casino does not allow it. I phoned The Point ahead of time and was immediately put through to the security desk, which advised that I should register with them on arrival. Registration consisted of filling out a form and showing a photo ID.

The front parking lot is pretty barren with no views, especially now that the hotel is under construction. I chose the most remote portion of the parking lot under a lamp, which provided lighting and a 110 power outlet.

The casino does a fairly decent job with what it has to work with. I had a good focaccia pizza one day, and a very satisfying diner-style breakfast the following day. Karaoke in The Boom Room Lounge on Thursday night was a hoot, with many local and colorful characters. A Friday night four-course chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings was quite excellent. Security and casino staff began to recognize me and to make a point of saying hello. I was even given a free ticket to the Spike and the Impalers concert on Friday night!

My four-night stay at The Point Casino was bare, but drama- free, AND free. It’s hard to be too terribly critical when everyone was so nice.

Tammy’s Tip: At present there is a parking lot on the back side of the casino, adjacent to a greenbelt. There is ample parking back there for RVs, but when I mentioned the notion to casino staff, they all shook their heads vehemently. Apparently there are more vehicle break-ins behind the casino. I parked my rig in the front lot next to the exit, where every car leaving the casino must pass. It makes for a noisier stay, but it is far less likely that someone will attempt to break in with that much traffic and so many witnesses.