Being on the road in October has brought new challenges for my medical care and treatment. Soon after departing I needed methotrexate, syringes, and folic acid. The Salt Lake City Walgreens had only the folic acid in stock. In Cheyenne, they had half of the methotrexate. In Denver, they had syringes. Finally, in Shawnee, Oklahoma, I got the rest of the methotrexate. Thanks, Walgreens.

By the time I was scheduled to arrive in Shawnee, it would also be time for blood work to check if the poison I’m taking is TOO poisonous. While still in Denver, I phoned my medical insurance company, Regence, and asked for the name of a preferred provider for blood work in Shawnee. I then phoned the lab in Shawnee for instructions, then phoned my doctor to request that orders be sent to the lab.

On my first day in Shawnee, I drove to the lab for the blood draw. Pretty easy peasy. That was quite a relief, as I was concerned before I left Seattle that getting labs would be onerous.

Yesterday a group of us were scheduled to tour Oklahoma City in a coach, and I awoke with my Crohn’s disease in full force. I have prescription Lomotil to curb the symptoms, which I use sparingly because it makes me so nauseated. But on days when I won’t have perpetual use of a restroom, it is a necessary evil.

Here’s the irony: I took two Lomotil tabs to make it through the tour, but I ended up in bathrooms anyway because the medication caused me to throw up, twice. Thank goodness the coach had a bathroom, and I felt better as we toured the National Cowboy Museum. The tour included lunch, which I was not able to keep down – another bathroom trip.

If you are following my journey, you wouldn’t know about all these issues behind the scenes. You may have seen the photos I posted on social media of the Cowboy Museum and the memorial to the Murrah Federal Building, thinking that I am having the time of my life. Well, I AM having the time of my life. But I am also sick. And that is why I’m telling you. I am especially telling those of you who suffer from chronic disease. You.Can.Do.It.