Most of you know that I have tattoos on both upper arms.  On my right arm is a kitty in a martini glass, smoking a cigarette.

tat2On my left arm is a kitty in a ballgown.

tat1Both tats represent my alter-ego: the feline-esque, performing, smoking (no longer), drinking self.  But, for years I hid them under sleeves in court and around clients, because I was practicing law.

During one particularly warm jury trial in King County, as the males removed their jackets and sports coats, the judge invited me to remove my jacket, too.  I demurely declined, sweat dripping from my brow, because the shirt I wore underneath was sleeveless.

I fantasized of the day when I believed the jury was negatively judging my tattoo-covered client.  I would whip off my suit coat in closing argument to prove that first impressions are false impressions!  (That day never came, much to my chagrin.)

Over the next couple of months I am adding to both tattoos, the work done by VyVyn at Madam Lazonga’s.  When completed both pieces will fill most of my upper arms.  I won’t divulge any secrets yet, so as not to spoil the big reveal. Tank tops, here I come!

It feels great to let my freak flag fly.

Post-script: Here are the completed results!