Slow down, you move too fast

You’ve got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobblestones

Looking for fun and feeling groovy …

— Simon & Garfunkel, “59th Street Bridge Song” (“Feelin’ Groovy”)

You can take the girl out of the courtroom, but you can’t take the Type A out of the girl. Throughout my life I have tried to remind myself to enjoy the journey as much, if not more, than the destination. Yeah, right. For the brief time that I played video games, I would play a game for 24 hours straight until I had it entirely figured out. Craft projects? Forget about it. I would not rest until the project was done. Books? Completed in one sitting. Now that I am ostensibly living life in the slow lane, what better, constant reminder to live in the moment than traveling in an RV full-time?

The problem with that is, thus far, I am always on the way to somewhere. Take this trip. My reservations in New Orleans begin on April 17. Jazz Fest starts on April 22, so I do have some wriggle room, but I am anxious and excited to be in The Big Easy. I have a deadline. A lawyer with a deadline? Dog with a bone.

In the last five days I have traveled 1,723 miles, an average of 344 miles per day. At speeds of 60 mph, that’s almost 6 hours behind the wheel, not counting pitstops. Each day I research my course, plotting the sites and scenery I would like to see on the way. Here was the plan I made for this week:

Monday: Roswell, New Mexico

Tuesday: Fredericksburg/Luckenbach, Texas

Wednesday & Thursday: San Antonio

Friday & Saturday: Houston

Sunday: New Orleans for three weeks

I had already determined that Austin was going to be a separate trip, because I do not want to give it short shrift. I’ve never been there, but given everything I’ve heard, I am considering it as a place to re-settle down eventually. My friend Blossom lives there too. I want to spend at least a couple of weeks in Austin.

Houston this weekend is pretty set; my friend Randy lives there. We are having dinner out on Friday night, and a party at his house on Saturday night.

Well, I am now adding San Antonio to the “things I’m going to do later” list. Instead of one night in Fredericksburg, I booked three. I fully set up the rig and am doing laundry. I finally cleaned out the slimy vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. There are lots of things I want to see and do here in the Fredericksburg/Luckenbach area (just look at this tourism video!), and I want to take my time. I don’t want to shortchange San Antonio, either. I would like to dig deeper than just the Riverwalk and the Alamo.

The universe has been tapping me on the shoulder the last few days about slowing the pace. I have been researching RV parks in the San Antonio area. Finally settling upon one yesterday, I phoned to make a reservation for Wednesday and Thursday. The clerk informed me that they were wide open, and I could make a reservation or just show up. I replied that I preferred the flexibility of just showing up, and opted not to make a reservation.

Ahhh, flexibility. I’m learning.