Time In A Bottle

“But there never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them. I’ve looked around enough to know that you’re the one I want to go through time with.” — Jim Croce, “Time In A Bottle”

I strive to live life with no regrets, but I am remorseful when it comes to people. There has never been enough time in a day to spend with those I already love and admire, much less the time to transform treasured acquaintances into true friends.

Take Judi and Ivan: They work with my beloved friend Izzy, who introduced us on a camp out for his birthday years ago. I was immediately drawn to both of them, and I spent a great deal of time in their motor home that weekend. Since then we have seen each other at Mariner’s games and parties, and they have attended fetes at the Atomic Abode.


I spent most of the day today with the Ivan and Judi, who drove all the way up to Everett to look at motor homes with me. Judi was taking notes on her phone, and Ivan was busy smelling oil and transmission fluid and mold and mildew; Ivan is hard of hearing, but his sense of smell has definitely compensated! Those two really had my effing back. Afterward we had lunch at a little Mexican joint, and as I sat there I was thunderstruck with feelings of joy and endearment.

In the 11 days since I left my employment, I find myself lingering with other dog-walkers in the park, chatting about nothing of particular consequence. I tarry over drinks and dinner with old friends, feeling no urgency to conclude. I do not feel torn between social intercourse and worldly obligations. I spent an unfettered day with two people I want to know better, and longer, and in a more meaningful way.  This gift of time is the greatest gift of all. I feel so fortunate that I could burst wide open.