Lying about your age to appear younger is an interesting phenomenon. I’ve read statistics that over a quarter of people do it. For me, with each year that passes I am happier than the year before. I feel no need to deceitfully shave years off a well-lived life.

Not everyone thinks that way. For example, there is someone very close to me, a blog follower, so she’ll know who she is, who in her 40’s began fibbing about her age; specifically, she modified her birth year to be five years later than it actually was. The problem was, she lied about it for so long, it became the truth in her mind, and she gave the erroneous birth year to the Social Security Administration. Eventually employment records and her SSN did not jive birthdate-wise, and it caused her a whole lotta grief and paperwork.

In 2018 I turn 50, and this is the first time I have considered lying about age. But, it’s not what you think – it’s not my age I’ll be lying about; it’s Nellie, the 2008 Newmar Ventana, my home sweet home.

Some RV parks require that guests’ RVs be less than 10 years old. In a way, it’s understandable; they are trying to avoid the Cousin Eddies of the world.

However, I have seen beautiful, well-kept and well-maintained rigs that are much older than that – Prevost buses from the 80’s and 90’s come to mind. Sure, rigs can look dated with dents, scratched paint, broken windshields, and sun-bleached pastel colors, but does that really warrant exclusion from a campground?

I am very lucky that Nellie’s prior owners took such good care of her. The husband, an engineer, sprung for Diamond Coat and kept her meticulously clean. The wife, an interior decorator, spruced up the interior spaces and made them very modern. Even though Nellie turned 10 years old this year, she doesn’t look it.

The parks that staunchly adhere to the 10-year rule are just a little too precious and Hoity Toity for me. I’d rather not stay at those places at all, thankyouverymuch. However, sometimes that park is the only game in town, and cannot be avoided. So, this year, to get in the habit in case it ever becomes pertinent, Nellie the Newmar is nine years old.

Wow, that was easy!