From time to time I get good questions on private message here at the blog. I’ve decided to share some of them, and my responses, not because my answers are profound, but because I think so many people are dealing with the same issues and concerns. I won’t divulge the identity of the person asking the question.

From Carin:

I’m 66 years old and plan on purchasing a class C RV in a couple of months and traveling alone with my dog. Can you give me any insights or pointers or just plain old help to get rid of the bit of fear I have? Thank you!!

Hi, Carin, and congratulations on your new adventure! Looking back on the blog, I realize I’ve written a lot about fear, and loss. I hope these help.

Getting rid of stuff.

Learning to drive the rig.

Towing the car for the first time.

Confidence and competence with Toad.

And here’s one about safety and security.

Best of luck to you,