Over the last few weeks, I placed Boss Tweed in his carrier and took the entire family to the neighbors’ during open houses and inspections at the Atomic Abode.  It currently sits by the front door, open, ready for the next temporary displacement.

The animals I have shared my life with over the years have all been deathly afraid of a carrier. They equated it with the vet, or nauseating car movement.   Not Boss Man.  Any time he hears the jingle of the metal locks, he comes running; where are we off to today?

Yesterday morning, as I readied Olive for a walk, Boss jumped into his carrier, looking up at me expectedly, “Take me with mew!”

Subtle as a rattlesnake there, Tweedie.

Boss and Olive being nearly the same size, I fitted Boss with one of Olive’s harnesses.  I snapped on a lead and took them both outside.

Boss felt the warmth of the pavement and immediately laid down.  And that is where he stayed, until he pawed under the harness just enough to completely wriggle out of it.  Thankfully he is mesmerized and paralyzed by that big old world out there, so he just stood there in fear and awe until I scooped him up.


When Olive and I sit in the back yard or on the side patio during a nice day, Boss’s squeaky door hinge protesting and lamenting meow emanates from the screen door: I want ouuuuut nowwww!  It’s not so much about being outside – Boss was rescued from the streets, and I think he knows which side his bread is buttered on.  It’s about togetherness for him.  He just wants to be wherever we are.

So, it’s settled then.  Next week I’ll go in search of a well-fitting harness for Boss Tweed that hopefully will prevent him from pulling a Harry Houdini, and we’ll see where this goes. Boss is more like a dog than any other cat I’ve every had, and I know he would enjoy being with us outside the RV at campgrounds.

Have you had any luck leash training your cat?  Any recommendations for a harness, anyone?